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Long Live The King Cassette Tape

Long Live The King Cassette Tape

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The latest album from Influence Music, Long Live The King, now available in a limited quantity of beautiful gold cassette tapes (yes they're in again!).
Enjoy the feeling of nostalgia along with the praises of the Lord.  This album has 12 songs and features powerhouse guest artists including Kim Walker-Smith, Mack Brock, and Lindy Conant.


Cassette Tracklist
Side 1

  1. All Yours
  2. Long Live The King
  3. Nobody Leaves The Same
  4. Always Invited
  5. ASK
  6. By Your Spirit

Side 2

  1. Matchless
  2. Before The Breakthrough
  3. Straight To Your Heart
  4. Coming Home
  5. Idols Fall
  6. Can't Hold Back